Aquarius Man

January 20 - February 18


Aquarius Man

The Aquarius man is well known for his joy of new and unusual knowledge and experience. He loves experimenting. The Aquarius man is a freethinker. Idealism is one from his typical personality traits. The Aquarius man prefers thoughts before the hard work or even before owning the property. He likes to sit in peace, dreaming. This man has usually a freedom loving and independent personality. The Aquarius man is an enthusiast. He loves the nature and the movement of the wind in the trees.

Personality Traits

Aquarius is trying to have good relationships with everyone. Only few are selfish and petty. Aquarius men are tempted by secrets so you can find them solving crosswords with a pencil, in the queue at the new exhibition, or with a magnifying glass in the woods looking for tracks of deer. Inventiveness and curiosity are typical personality traits of this zodiac sign.

The woman who wants to get such man, must arouse his curiosity first. To read an open book is no challenge for the Aquarius man. Thus consider what bait you could prepare for this Sherlock Holmes. Inviting the Aquarius man to a contest in the geocaching (treasure hunt using GPS) might be better adventure than a joint visit to an unknown café.

Prepare, however, that self-serving or spectacular gestures are not in agreement with his personality. Instead of a bouquet of roses he might give you one single dandelion with a tricky smile. The life of the Aquarius men will be almost certainly full of change, conflicts and unexpected events. But such personality traits may not be the best foundation for a role of the breadwinner.

When the Aquarius men gets rich, it is often a coincidence, a good luck, and not his extreme desire to be wealthy. He is able to invent a flying steamer, a miraculous suit that will never be dirty, or cushioned shoes that will run almost by themselves. But it is essential that during all his constant speculations and fantasies he is often not capable to slather a bread or prepare a cup of tea. The Aquarius men will therefore also need someone to care for him. And it can be just you!

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