Aquarius Characteristics

January 20 - February 18



Visionaries and dreamers

Aquarians are often the great visionaries and dreamers who do not acknowledge the values and lessons of the past with the proper respect. Among people born under the Aquarius zodiac sign you can find Charles Darwin, Thomas Edison or Galileo Galilei. And each of them did enough to turn the science upside down.

Tolerance of Aquarius

Aquarius will not judge you according to the first impression. He or she likes freedom and independence and usually the same values respects also by others. Thus, tolerance is very characteristic for a typical Aquarius, if you let him / her live with own different opinions. They will be honest with you, but without advising you how to live. Aquarians simply know that everyone has own ideals and aspirations.

Characteristic Fantasy

People born under this zodiac sign live in the sky (the air element), and occasionally you will see them sitting on a rainbow and pouring currents of vivid imagination on the ground. Aquarians talk a lot about their plans, but the realization fails from time to time. Because they often have more things to pursue than any other zodiac sign during the lifetime. The boundless fantasy is simply a characteristic feature of Aquarius.


Rarely you will find Aquarius, which would enjoy the dull and boring work. For example, they usually have no desire to be a clerk or a fast food vendor or to answer customer's phones at the reception. Bureaucracy and boring routine is characteristically against the grain by Aquarians. Gladly they do something really interesting, useful and necessary, what others really need and appreciate.

Reluctant to obligations

Aquarius is reluctant to obligations, so people born under this zodiac sign feel uncomfortable when they have to tell a fixed date of the appointment or project delivery. Aquarius leaves many things open and wants to have a back door. The strictly organized character is not very typical for them. Ideally, when there is at least one another person that is able to complete the dreams of this creative genius to the successful end.

Although Aquarius often believe in the potential to change the world for the better, he or she leaves the activity to others. The fighting spirit is not very characteristic for this rather humanistic sign. Aquarius is not the one who goes with the red banner first into a battle. Instead of an actual warfare he or she prefers to meditate under a tree and wait for enlightenment as the Buddha.

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