January 20 - February 18


Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Planet: Uranus
Element: Air
Key features: tolerant, resourceful, original, curious, witty, dreamy
Best match: Gemini, Libra


Aquarians are often the great visionaries and dreamers who do not acknowledge the values and lessons of the past with the proper respect. Among people born under the Aquarius zodiac sign you can find Charles Darwin, Thomas Edison or Galileo Galilei. And each of them did enough to turn the science upside down. Aquarius will not judge you according to the first impression. He or she likes freedom and independence and usually the same values respects also by others ... (more)


The Aquarius man is well known for his joy of new and unusual knowledge and experience. He loves experimenting. The Aquarius man is a freethinker. Idealism is one from his typical personality traits. The Aquarius man prefers thoughts before the hard work or even before owning the property. He likes to sit in peace, dreaming. This man has usually a freedom loving and independent personality. The Aquarius man is an enthusiast. He loves the nature and the movement ... (more)


The Aquarius woman is an excellent head of the family. She is interested in human rights, social issues, politics and education for the general good. Sometimes is she impatient and explosive. The Aquarius woman can be nervous when things do not progress according to her will. The Aquarius woman is able to provide moments of peace, stability and support for the man and whole family ... (more)

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